08 October 2010

New Features, New Drinks, Same Drunkenness

Well hello there. Welcome to the new and improved Responsible Drunk. It has indeed been awhile since we sort of died off over a year ago but now we're back with a new, sustainable (to the point of liver failure) model. We've got a slate of new writers, and not a teetotaler among them! The updated manifesto is something like this:

The RD will maintain its bread and butter (or shall I say yeast and sugar?) mentality of a reviews-oriented approach to alco-journalism, but we are expanding beyond the great wall of beer to include reviews of cocktails, cordials, liqours, liquors, booze, grains, shines and basically anything that "will get you drunk". Review process will remain the same (as will our 10.0 scale we ganked from Pitchfork), reviewed drinks will be co-tasted and rated with the stronger opinioned of the two raters taking up the review. The new expansion will include semi-regular commentary from a new slate of writers as well as your EIC. Who knows, we may even branch out into visual or aural media via podcasts or YouTube. In any event, there's going to be a whole lot more writing. I will allow our new writers to introduce themselves, but below I've provided their names/probable column descriptions:

Seth Finck "Drinking on the TeeVee" - This may just end up as a Mad Men review column, who knows!
Brad Pearson "Drinking Games" - This post will get you drunk.
Anthony DePaul "Cheap Ass Beer of the Week" - Classin' up the joint.
Andy Beers "F•ck That Vodka" - Not for children, but most definitely for the ladies.
Harry Cleveland "Samurai Malt Whiskey" - Writings from the land of the falling down drunk.
Chris Morse "All Ginned up for a Fight" - Because gin leads to fights every time.
Jim Ryan, EIC - I'll be covering miscellany including fancy new cocktails, bar reviews, continuing our RD Night Out segment, interviews, in addition to managing reviews and other content.

So that is our plan. Fire up those google readers and as always, drink responsibly.

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