02 December 2010

PBR vs. PBR Light: The Ultimate Throwdown

Before I introduce the first topic of my commentary, I would like to elaborate what the overall tone and subject of this column. In the various installments, we will be exploring the nuances of beer that let’s just say is less than stellar and very cost effective. To say I am euphemizing here is an understatement. The tone of the column will be one that takes itself too seriously at times, done on purpose and also extremely harsh, also done on purpose. Without further delay, I do hope everyone does enjoy as I wax poetic on some of the truly great beers of our time.


When two such fiery competitors go head-to-head is a draconian like struggle, truly it is a sight to behold. Much like a commentator at a heavily contested Cock fight, I am left speechless after experiencing these two heavyweights of the Piss-tacular division of beers. Each Blue Ribbon brings something to the table. On the first taste of the two, PBR had the clear edge. Its distinct taste separates it from the rest of the pack. Some beers are meant to be smooth and savored. PBR is not one of theses. It contains shall we say its own bite and brisk taste. It’s the definitive PBR flavor. Its appeal is classic and indisputable.

In fact one of the big knock s for me on PBR Light, is that it deadens too much of this distinct PBR flavor. It sacrifices the taste for a more I want to say is supposed to pass as smoothness. However, I contend where the Light has the advantage, is in mainstream appeal. In a division of beers where some hail Bud Light and Beast as arguably icons, PBR Light brings you closest to the Bud light flavor while still holding the Bite of the PBR. This would appeal more to your average beer drinker.

My contention and the conclusion is if PBR and Bud Light merged, it would become PBR Light. The amalgamation of the two beers, however cannot top the original PBR. It out classes the Light. Now if you are looking for a more Beast, PBR Light is the beer for you. If you are used to a bit more class in your beer go for the PBR and never look back.

PBR – 4 pisses out 5

LIGHT – 2½ - pisses out of 5



A staple of Philadelphia drinking culture is a Shot of whiskey and a PBR. It gets offered affordably and widespread around the city. I decided to test each beer’s effect when combined in this element of Phila-beer-icana.

The original City special is not meant to tinkered with or replaced. But I was drawn to conclude, that PBR Light does offer an acceptable substitute if PBR is kicked for the night. The LIGHT has enough of the PBR bite to make for a good combo. But like I said don’t try to mess with perfection if you don’t have to.